Barcode reader

Barcodes are used to uniquely identify and verify the product. Use our barcode reader app to readbarcode and store them in your preferred database. Our barcode reader app is capable to read custom barcode and universal standard barcodes. Our app can be used on the following devices

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Barcode Scanners

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Mobile devices

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  • Employee time entry
  • Tickets validity
  • Food Nutrition display
  • Package tracking
  • Transportation Authorization on the entry gates (EZPass)

How it works:

  • Create Barcode using barcode generator app
  • Use the barcode elsewhere
  • Decode barcode by reading the code through Barcode reader
  • Barcode reader transmits the data to the application
  • Application parse the data and validate it
  • Based on the admin panel configuration, the parsed data stored to the database
  • Customizable Dashboard/portal display the inventory location and items in the inventory based on the barcode