Data Driven interactive charts, Graphs and reports

Using our Charts creator user can build best-in-class data driven reports in matter of few hours.

Connect to Database

User can connect to their preferred database and controls can be integrated with database fields.

Create Database objects

Using our database interface editor user can write sql queries or functions to fetch data from the database.

Host the website

Database integrated application can be hosted on user preferred cloud environment.

Design your screen

Using our drag and drop controls user can design their custom screen. Draggable controls can create bar chart, Pie chart, graph, grid etc.

data driven

Chartscreator is data driven software that helps people to visualize and understand their data.


Fast Development

current data

Always displays with current data


Share your reports


Download the reports in Excel or PDF


Highly customizable reports

Report generating Environment

API integration
Data from third party restful services can be integrated easily and reflect in the reports quickly
Report Designer
and drop controls provides rich look and user can customize the look and feel
Database Designer
Data can be queried using our database designer and displayed as per the need
Reporting tool
Data and screens are integrated and the data visualization and analysis can be made in the custom website
Report Format
User can download the report in their desire format excel, pdf, word etc..