Drag and Drop Interactive Online Dashboard Creator

Our user interactive online dashboard creator with drag and drop functionality enables you to see your data with user friendly charts and diagrams. Our user-friendly screensconnect to major data sources such as Sql/Oracle/NoSql databases, CSV files, Google Analytics. Within few minutes using the drag and drop functionality user can visualize the value of their data, past history analysis and KPIs.

We help you to create new tables in several databases through our online Database creator. After creating the databases and tables the data can be entered or migrated using our user-friendly BI editors. Dashboards can be created using your data to highlight the KPIs, prediction and survey purposes. Your customers can view the dashboards from anywhere at any time.

Our Dashboard online solutions provide role-based authentication. So, you can configure accessibility for the users and displaying the menu depending on user roles. This way you can restrict the sensitive data can be restricted.


Our dashboard creation process is simple but powerful. You can integrate your data from various resources with the following advantages.

  • Connect with multiple data sources: Sql, MySql, Oracle, Google Analytics, CSV etc..
  • Drag and Drop Options: You have the option to drag and drop the menus and components inside the screen to bild and customize your dashboard.
  • Faster Output: Share your dashboards and reports with high quality to any one with less than 15 minutes.
  • Real-time dashboards: With our automatic synchronization you can reflect the latest data on the dashboard always.
  • Advanced BI Solutions: You can create database, tables and migrate data using our editors. No coding knowledge is required.
  • Authentication/Authorization: With our online screen authentication and authorization you can restrict user accessibility.
  • Add Images and charts: You can add images and charts which will be automatically save in your database.



Simple to use

Presenting and analyzing the data is always a challenge. Our Dashboard creator software provides all the functionalities you needed to create a real time data driven dashboard. Your business growth is ascertained, and you can focus on other aspects. Our software is simple to use and there is no learning curve and there is no prior coding knowledge is required.

Easy customization

You can make your dashboard stand out with accuracy with current updated data. You can add your custom logo, comments or merging other components quickly. Add your own logos and company brands on the fly. Our template which has drag and drop options make your task easy.

Quick automation

With our handy tools like Sql editor, data migrator, option to access multiple databases/data sources through jobs you can automate the dashboard creation. We provide user interface for configuring the jobs. Automating the whole process of creating the dashboard from the scratch provides less error prone screens.