• Our fully-integrated software offers online/on demand options for the student to learn.
  • Comprehensive customizable dashboard for the faculty/student to organize their preferred tasks and monitor the progress
  • Mobile compatible application
  • Event Creator plugin
  • Faculty allotments to the course
  • Students admission
  • Student to select their preferred courses
  • Attendance monitoring (Faculty/Student/supporting staff)
  • Assignment upload/Download
  • Assignment evaluation entry
  • Research Projects management
  • Workflow to accomplish all the relevant tasks.
  • Cloud based storage
  • Students/Faculty ID to easy check-in
  • Dashboard for Faculty/Student


Better Communication for Faculty

Faculty communicate online and students can view them on demand

Ontime Assignment submission

Student can submit assignment online from anywhere provides students to meet the deadline

Quickly create Timetable

Faculty can quickly change/create timetable and publish it

Quick Exam Evaluation

Exams can be conducted online and evaluation can be done quickly

High Student retention

Since the student life is like a breeze student retention will be high

Student scores well

Due to on demand nature of available study resources, student score well

More student’s enrollment

As our software provides high retention rate more students will prefer to enroll.