Admin module and workflow module in our ETL tool helps the administrator to automate the process of data transformation also authenticate and authorize the data load process. Once the data is uploaded to the target cloud system, user can analyze and report the data. Data marts, Data Warehouses can use this tool to simplify their extract transform or data synchronization.

Our tool provides a user-friendly interface for the complete visualization of the source (input) data. Our data editor interface helps the user to create queries to manipulate data.

  • Login to our system
  • Use our editor to connect input data source
  • Write the queries or jobs for your data migration
  • Administrator get the approval by creating a workflow
  • ETL execution will be triggered
  • Data will be migrated to the desired target source
  • User can use the data in the front end


  • Easy data mapping through editor
  • Make a unit test before execution
  • Create groups/roles to authorize the data migration
  • Rollback data transformation
  • Various data sources
  • Continuous Integration through Jobs
  • User friendly logs
  • Mobile compatible tool
  • Create alerts