Make your HR operations efficient and high in quality

Wireless Barcode reader

Read the contents of items in the package before warehouse storage as well as unpacking in the POS

RFID reader (Inventory Tracking)

Warehouse tracker to identify the location of the items in the building


Track the complete flow of stock from purchase, storage and sale


Track stock in the point of sale and issue fill order when needed

ECommerce Software

Modern website to manage sales for channels

Reports creation

Historical reports help company’s strategy about the next move and make the company more profitable

Cloud Inventory management

The complete transaction will be stored in cloud environment for a reliable and secure transactions

Shipment tracking

Using barcode algorithm shipping can be tracked through its complete cycle

Barcode creation and tracking

We provide custom barcode creator which ensure secure transaction of the stock

Online order management

Stocks ordered through our ecommerce application are handled in a research proven technique for better management

Returns management

Stocks returned from the customers handled through our workflow-based software.

Modules included our Inventory application:

  • Portal to monitor the current sales at single point
  • Reporting tools for the historical data and analysis
  • Payment processing to handle in/out of the stock
  • POS monitoring
  • AI backed forecasting
  • Third party and historical logistics integration
  • EDI for trading with larger retailers
  • Inventory management with proven statistics
  • Marketing