Spend less time on accounting/invoicing and do more time doing your business which enhances your business growth. NTS Invoice lets you send just a click estimates and invoices, accept payments online through their desktop, tablets or using mobile app. Integrate NTS Invoices with your apps or use our package which has complete set of applications for your business need. The following modules are included in the Invoice package.

Easy to use:

Create professional looking Invoices with just one click. Set it up as recurring mode for continuous invoicing. Easy tracking and send reminders automatically if not paid.


Use our custom friendly well-designed handy templates for creating new Invoices. Also, create the invoices from the scratch by using our drag and drop methods.

Workflow and Automation:

Using our drag and drop workflow tool, automate the Invoice processing from start to end. Store the workflow as a template for future use with edit/save options.

Cloud Storage:

All the documents, templates, workflow are saved in the cloud. Either conventional storage in cloud or serverless storage. Option to choose your cloud provider either Azure or AWS.

Easy Payment Options:

Clients can pay through their convenient way of payment using credit card, checks, Paypal etc. NTSInvoices provides these various options and send the clients the payment receipt automatically.

Create Reports:

Several modules integrated in one solution makes creating reports easy. Create reports for daily/weekly/monthly for the Invoices sent/paid. Also create reports for other modules like time tracking, Expenses, estimates etc.


  • All salient points are included in the Invoice like due date, Taxes, Payment options etc..
  • Highly Customizable with several inbuilt Templates
  • Invoice tracking and online payment options
  • Create Reports quickly and Brand your Invoices
  • Drag and Drop option to create Invoices quickly
  • Customizable Workflow Automation
  • Easy collaboration with your apps
  • Create/Send Invoice through the mobile app
  • Store your data and Invoices in the cloud