Salient Features

Customizable screens

Screens can be customized using our Screen designer which has drag and drop controls.

Variety of Databases

Admin can pick their preferred database to store user data

Cloud Based

Application and database can be hosted in cloud environment


With adequate security the application is highly secure

Mobile compatible

User can reserve through different devices (PC, Tablet, Mobile etc)

Real-time booking

The availability data reflects the current value makes the reservation real time.

Product Overview

  • Barcode confirmation: After the reservation user can receive the confirmation as barcode. Having the barcode in the mobile is easy to use
  • Bulk Reservations: Users can reserve in bulk for stadium or event booking
  • Visualize reservation process: Users can visualize the reservation availability and reserve accordingly by applying their selection
  • Dashboard for the Admin: Reservation process can be monitored by the admin in their dashboard. Also, reservation pattern and prediction can be analyzed.
  • Customizable email to user Send the confirmation and reminder email to user with admin’s favorite customization
  • Modify existing reservations User can login to modify/cancel their existing reservations
  • Mobile compatible Application is mobile compatible so user can reserve using their mobile


Display vacancies

Admin and users can see the available reservation. Admin can market more to attract more customers.

High customer satisfaction

Since the reservation process is simple and easy, customer will have high satisfaction

Improve sales as it is easy to use

Repeated customers make the sales more

Embed the application

Our application can be embedded to your existing website