Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit Pay employees and contractors their paycheck electronically via direct deposit.


Pay salaried and hourly employees with 401k integrations.

Record Keeping

Precise Record Keeping

Record Keeping

Precise Record Keeping


Give employees a Portal.

Time tracking

Time tracking features.


Import timecards and tips from other channels.

Mobile App

Mobile app for employees’ access

Run payroll

Run payroll whenever needed.

Tax Compliance

Tax Compliance assistance for employees.


Precise Record Keeping

support 24/7

Email/Chat/Text/Phone support 24/7

Reports and dashboards

Reports and dashboards for employees and employers


SSO for employees to their portal


Expenses Integration

Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync with payroll

Digital signature

Digital signature for payroll payment

auto payment

Workflow automation for auto payment

Easy startup

Just enter your business info. We will create a separate website for you or our app can integrate with your website.

Users Info

Users can login to our portal via SSO or upload user info using our ETL tool. User can change their password after their first login.

Tax Info

Federal and State Tax calculations will be taken care and will be inserted to payroll as an auto deduction.

Record Keeping

As per the tax compliance laws, accurate record keeping is provided for payroll information.

Custom Reports

Employers/Employees can create their custom report to view their payroll history

Customizable dashboard

Dashboard can be customized using our drag and drop controls.