Salient Featuresof surveying tool

drag and drop

Using our drag and drop builder user can create online questionnaires.

AI bot

Using AI botinitiate voice or chat interaction with customers.


Using our templates library you can create survey quickly.

multiple languages

Survey can be made in multiple languages

mobile compatible

Since our application is mobile compatible, create survey from other devices.


Host your data in cloud.

server less

Our application can be hosted as server less, so no need for on premise or cloud hosting.

Mass emailing

Mass emailing functionality.


Reminder for the surveys.


Get the reply from customers online.

How it works


User-friendly survey builder which has drag and drop of controls makes creating the survey easy.

database connector

Connect with any database as our database connector support multiple databases.

SEO tool

Use our SEO tool to create a stunning questionnaire theme and design

Responsive design

Responsive design makes the application can be accessed via any device


Report Generation through our dashboard to understand the status of the survey


Quickly Scalable

Salient Featuresof surveying tool

Highly Available

Create surveys quickly with our highly available tool. Since the app is hosted in cloud it’s uptime is 99.99%

Using Historical Surveys

Using historical surveys and templates surveying can be done efficiently


Embed our application to your existing website

New Domain

We help you to create a new domain and host the survey application


Improve your sales

AI algorithms

Our AI algorithms will help you to predict and analyze the customer need.