Our AI backed telehealth application provides an interface for the patients and healthcare professionals. It’sa simple video/audio interaction.

Access our telehealth tool on any device which has camera and internet connection. It works with all browsers including smartphones and tablets. Customers can reach their healthcare professional from anywhere in the world. We provide HIPAA compliant to all the client and their data is fully secure with our encryption methodologies.

Quality healthcare

Highly customizable user-friendly application makes it easy for the patients to interact with their provider quickly from anywhere in the world at any time. This saves significant amount of time for both providers and patients.

Efficient Scheduling

Our application will provide customizable dashboard and portal for the provider as well as patient for easy scheduling. Remainders will be provided to both through application configuration. There is no waiting time. Cancellation and rescheduling are easy and very efficient. Patient can pick up the available slots. Providers exhibit their availability for patients to pick their choice.


Our billing module provides easy billing options. It can accept insurance payment or personal mode of payment. Invoices will be sent with complete details about the consultation and patient can view it at anytime online. Our AI based chat facility will answer 24/7 about their billing questions.


Our application is capable to send prescription across the nation. Select your preferred pharmacy and our ePrerscribe will send the prescription on time. Our AI backed customer care will answer any of your prescription related questions 24/7.

Medical History

Patient/Doctors can visit the patient’s HIPAA complaint fulfilled health history whenever they want. Patients health history can be emailed to them if the prefer to. Our customizable dashboard gives them an option to view their preferred details.

How it works

  • Register with us using your preferred device (PC, tablet, mobile). User needs to provide their details including past medical history, current issues, payment options etc.
  • Confirmation will be sent to the user after validating their input.
  • User can login and select their preferred healthcare professional
  • Schedule your appointment with your selected healthcare professional based on his/her available slots.
  • Confirmation email will be sent with the selected time slot.
  • Make a video or audio call on the confirmed appointment time or healthcare professional can initiate the call.
  • If needed ePrescription will be sent to the Pharmacy after the consult
  • Needed lab work will be sent to the appropriate laboratory.
  • Bill will be created and send to the patient.
  • Patient can book their next visit online.