Work pressure on help desk agents is huge. With proper planning and handy tools agents work load can be reduced and they can focus on their assigned task and customer service performance improves significantly. Ticketing software is the handy tool for help desk agents. Ticketing system segregate the tasks and assign to the appropriate agent and avoids working on the same issue by multiple agents.

Salient Features


Dashboard to view the ticketing system by authorized agents


Prioritize the ticketing by admins


User drag and drop controls to customize ticketing

Merge Tickets

Ticket collaboration if there is a connection between tickets

Analytics and reporting

To view the historical issue pattern and predictions

AI assisted self-service

Chatbot to receive, confirm and reply to customer tickets

Workflow automation

Tickets which need to go through multiple departments can be automated

Ticketing in different format

Apart from email, customer can create tickets through portal, Bot chat etc

The benefits of our Ticketing system


Prioritize urgent ticketing for critical issues

Quick closing

High customer satisfaction due to quick response

Agents overload reduced

Agents retention is high and they are in high morale and active.

Better Admin Governance

Admins can assign, monitor and close the tickets

Reports Generation

Helps customers to view their history and collect back solution for their repeating issues

Easy maintenance

No need for IT specialist to manage our product

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support to keep going without break