Using our Web conferencing application user can host video conferences or webinars. Our admin panel provides the administrator to configure the schedule. After the conference the recorded videos can be uploaded to cloud using our UI screens.

Recorded videos can be stored with user selected titles so that they can be connected back to the user screens. Customers can watch them on demand.

Our application is integrated with other professional meeting providers like Zoom, GotoMeeting etc. User can pick their preferred meeting hosting provider.

Advantages of using our Web conferencing tool.

  • Low pricing
  • User-friendly
  • High Reliability
  • Unlimited meeting
  • Unlimited storage
  • HD video/Audio
  • SingleSignon
  • User Authentication
  • Embed the application to your sit
  • Use from any device (PC, tablet, mobile)


User Pool

User pool can be created, and each user can host video conference using their control panel and upload the videos to cloud with proper titles.


Ourthird-party Integration approach help the user to select their preferred video hosting provider.

Single Sign on

Single Sign on makes the user to login once and create conference anytime and brand them


Participants can ask questions and the conferencing is highly interactive.


User can use the whiteboard for effective presentation.


Screen sharing provides the participant to present/talk during the conference.